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Maybe You Will Make Me Purrr!

7. ledna 2013 v 20:59 | Aerosol
Suddenly I realized, that there is one more thing what can I do to make my English better, instead of watching TV series in original language with English subtitles or doing exams on the Internet. So I made a simple decision, and I'm sure you already got it.

I will write my blog in that tricky language. Well, at least I'll try it.
You must forgive me my mistakes, I assure you I'm trying to do my best. And if you are so nice and correct me, I'll be thankful.

Well, let's start!

Few days ago (or few weeks?) I read one very interesting idea on Sandy's second blog. It was about eye contact between two passers-by. You know, usually everyone looks to the ground while walking down the streets. And I think (as do Sandy), it's really strange. The world arround us is full of interesting things, but the most interesting and the most beautiful things for me are human faces.
I love to look into someone's eyes, I love human facial expressions and most of all I love smile. So I tried this funny thing - to look straight into eyes of passers-by and smile. Can you imagine, how beautiful the feeling is, when the stranger give you smile too?

And today I found out something else. During the holidays I had no reason to go out and I had enough time to do whatever I want. I wanted to do something with my blog, write more articles etc, but I realized, that I have nothing to write about. When I'm all day at home, nothing happens arround me. And I miss the things what are used to happen when I don't have holidays. It means, that I'm really looking forward to school, because everything is better than absolute lack of interesting non-virtual things.

Well, I think it's time to quit this insanity for now.
May the Rainbow be with you!
Aerosol *who?*

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1 Sandy Sandy | Web | 9. ledna 2013 v 12:39 | Reagovat

It is a very very interesting idea to write in english! :-)
And I agree with you, with the part that when you are all day at home, there´s nothing to happen (usually), so I left :D And now I am at student house (I don´t know how it is called right :D) and there is much more fun :-)
So I hope, that now you are going to have more ineteresting days too ;-)
And...thank you for you ad (you´ve surprised me :D)

2 Aerosol Aerosol | Web | 9. ledna 2013 v 22:24 | Reagovat

You know, time is closing and my maturita exams are comming xD And I really need some practise, so...
I hope I will go to student house while studying at university xD I believe that it must be interesting and also funny experience xD But I can't complaint now, every day during school I can enjoy a lot of fun with schoolmates xD
And... You're welcome xD I should thank you, because you inspired me xD

3 me, anonymous me, anonymous | 13. ledna 2013 v 15:37 | Reagovat

the dormitory. it's called the dormitory. dorm for short. or halls, when it comes to university accommodatiom.

4 Sandy Sandy | 13. ledna 2013 v 21:02 | Reagovat

[3]: Thanks :-)

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